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How to Make the Most of Job Postings

What is the candidate looking for? Will my job posting grab his/her attention? Or will they read through it without a second thought? These are only some of the questions we think about when we begin the tedious journey of finding the perfect hire for our company. Find out some tools below to create a dynamic and compelling job posting that will have your qualified job seekers chomping at the bit to work for you!

Remember this, we are not writing a print ad here! The online job seeker world is fast-paced and looking for a quick answer to their employment needs. Therefore, an online job posting will not do well if you write it like a print classified. Your online job posting is really an interactive marketing campaign for the entire firm. With this in mind you should consider sending out the Marketing Department rather than the HR Department to write it. Here are some tips to create your most successful job posting today.

1.    Keep Your Company Website Up-to-Date 
Most candidates are going to check you out before they ever meet you. Therefore, spend the necessary tools to update your website so that it provides a professional and interactive presentation of your firm, its goals, key players, it’s business culture and business philosophy.

2.    Keywords Rule! OR the “Keyword Rule”
Think about this. When you are looking something up on the internet, how much time do you spend? Not much time at all! The same goes to your job seekers. In this approach, your prospective employees are only searching the top 20 search results at a time! Be specific. Think about who is looking for you and speak to them directly. Add in keywords they would type in to find that specific job. Get to the TOP of the list and you will have many more interested applicants to choose from.

3.    Are You Believable?  
Candidates want to read job postings that contain comprehensive job descriptions and requirements. As you provide more details you become more credible and have a better chance of hiring the right fit.  We all know money rules, so most job seekers want to see salary. “Show Me The Money!” Others want to know job location. Best of all, many job boards provide statistical analysis of each job posting, including our very own Job boards know that employers want to see the number of job seeker views and applications submitted to each posting so they have included that in the membership package.

4.    Don’t Wait to Follow Up!
You should immediately follow up on all qualified applications submitted. Did you know that within ten days, the top 10% of job seekers are gone? That is a staggering statistic. We are dealing with a market today that is highly competitive, so do not allow for any dead time between in-house interviewing schedules and making your prized final selection. As a general rule, do not leave candidates hanging more than five to seven days without a follow-up meeting. That’s right, no longer than one week. Involve your top management. This makes your job seeker feel that their hire is an important one, which they are! It lets them know that you have personally selected them as the "candidate of choice" by your company’s top players. Begin closing that deal the minute you know the person is perfect for hire, and do not let up until an offer is on the table AND accepted.

5.    Enticing Job Descriptions 
No more plain old Joe job descriptions. Why not first describe the best parts of the job, fascinating challenges, future job opportunities, company relationships, and why this unique position is available. Use word pictures to entice desirable images that the candidate will be compelled to visualize, ultimately persuading him/her to change their mediocre jobs to this new and exciting career. Then shift to a clear focus on your desired job responsibilities, duties, achievements and goals to be accomplished. I cannot emphasize this enough: the clearer the description, the more likely more qualified job seekers will apply. Shift focus to the job seeker's needs and not just the position, clearly hitting areas that speak to them personally.

6.    Your Company Profile is Your First Impression 
Don’t forget your Company Profile! This will create an additional promotional opportunity for your company. Use this field to describe what your company does. Thigs like organization size, location, benefits, company goals, mission, management style, employee quality of life, and what makes your firm special. If your company sounds exceptional, the candidate will move mountains to work there.

7.    Job Responsibilities
First list WHY the responsibility requirements are there. Avoid clichés or trite phrases like "self-motivated", "team player", and "fast-paced". Remember, you are unique! Eliminate the non-desirables by adding some qualifying phrases such as "background checks are performed in the hiring process" or "personality testing is used in the hiring process".

8.    Salary, “Show Me the Money!”
Want to see an improvement in response immediately? Be sure to add the salary requirements. Did you know that this is the most widely searched field on all job postings? Job seekers are generally more interested in the salary than ANY other item in a job description. According to executive recruiter, Chuck Groom of CC Group, Inc., money is one of the top reasons why people leave their job. Don’t waste your time and the job seeker’s time with a job that may not pay what they are looking for. If you do not include the salary, you are unwittingly telling the candidate that you may be embarrassed by the level of salary level – or, even worse, have something to hide. Phrases such as "Salary is commensurate with experience, N/A, Open, or Depends on experience" will guarantee you a significantly reduce response rate to your job posting.

Follow these tips and you are guaranteed a better response. Woo your prospect with an outstanding job post and start giving yourself a lifetime of perfect candidates to fit your specific needs. And if you should ever want to post jobs AND browse resumes with no limits, feel free to try out site risk free. We are just a click away!



Jamie Archer  

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