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Want to make a job posting that will knock their socks off? As we have said before, only the first 20 job descriptions are read by your average job seeker. That means, if you aren’t in the top 20 then your posting is just a quick click of the button and a resume sent without a second thought. Instead of piling up those not-so-desirable resumes, here are some tips to make a job posting that will be sure to stand out.

The Job Title
Your Job Title act’s as a billboard designed to capture the interest of the job seeker, and with it you are selling them the opportunity of a new and exciting career. There are some things to keep in mind in your title to attract a solid potential candidate so they not only view your job title but go on to thoroughly read the description. Here is the ultimate question: What is the key factor in your business that attract new employees? Is it the corporate culture? Location? The financial benefits? A great reputation? Be sure to include at least one of these in the title to entice your job seeker to read on.

The Job Description
Look at the whole offering from the job seeker’s perspective. Give a clear and precise picture of the position. Be transparent. Focus on what a person will be doing in their new position and give information that will grab a candidate's attention. Don’t just provide an overview but also show them what their position will look like day-to-day. Are there incentives? Perks? What is the salary? Add some excitement to the description that makes the opportunity different from all the rest, and remember to be concise.

Education, Experience, Software and Certification Requirements
Weed out anyone who isn't qualified for the position. The best way to do this is to list the minimum requirements of the position in the job description. Make sure those requirements are clear and easy to understand.

Use Your Brand Effectively – Don’t Forget the Logo!

Salary and perks are not the only issues that matter for jobseekers, more important, they value the brand for the company they want to work for. So use your brand logo in all your job postings. Applicants will be able to recognize it instantly and relate it to their ambitions and aspirations.

Use the Right Keywords 

I cannot emphasize enough how important implementing a solid keyword search will help improve the location of your job post. Job seekers are utilizing keywords to search for jobs, and when your company uses them in right way your posting will show up at the top of the list. And as we know, if it shows up on top it is most definitely going to be read.

Well, I hope this information was helpful. It’s time to build your new and improved job posting and reap the benefits of incredible results! Let’s get your posting to the top of the list and attract only the best possible person for the job. And remember, if you ever need anything we are only a click away. 


Jamie Archer

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