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Success With Online Recruiting

Unless you’re living in the dark ages you already know that online recruiting is the quickest and easiest way to recruit candidates. Now it’s time to hone in on your hiring strategy. You may have already begun the process of implementing various online resources, yet let’s dig deeper and make the candidate pool a little richer for your organization. Here are some tips and resources that will jump-start your recruiting techniques.

Social Media

Everyone’s talking about social media. Social media platforms give employers new channels to promote their job openings and entices candidates to visit their website, creating recruiting transparency and improving candidate experience. Did you know that now over half the companies who are hiring have started recruiting via Social Media? A report by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) said social media was used by 56 percent of business, and that was in 2011. I am certain that in the last four or five years that number has grown exponentially.

A great example of the success of social media recruiting is Microsoft. When they changed their career site to improve recruiting results by integrating LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blogging it improved their hiring success by 300 percent. Yes, that’s right…300 percent!

Mobile Job Apps

More and more job boards are implementing the mobile job app for job seekers. According to a study by Beyond Career Network, 77 percent of consumers use mobile apps for the job search. When you are ready to post a job, make sure the job board you are using has this unique and user friendly feature. The last thing you want to do is miss out on a great potential candidate because the platform you use the most is not implemented to target the mobile job seeker.

Niche Job Boards

Just like the mobile job app, niche job boards are increasingly springing up across the Internet. Yes, you want to utilize general job boards, but utilizing these specialized niche job boards seeks to serve a specific industry, geography, or specific group of workers. Why not spread net a little wider? For positions that require specialized skills and experience, niche boards can help you advertise to a more targeted group of candidates.

Make it Easier for the Candidate

Implementing an online recruiting strategy must create easier application process in an easy-to-navigate candidate experience. I’m sure you have seen companies that use an application process that’s wrought with endless paperwork. The last thing you want are candidates to get frustrated by job openings that are buried or an application process that requires them to spend a lot of time registering, creating usernames and passwords, and searching with complicated parameters. Streamlining access to your employment information motivates candidates to not only apply but also want to work for your company.

Create a Career’s Page

Oftentimes, before a candidate even makes the decision to apply for a position at your company, they are searching for a Career Page that will give them an idea of what their work environment would be like. When creating this page, here are some key aspects to consider:

  1. Create content that will speak to your specific audience. Target their aspirations and motivations and tailor content that relates to them.

  2. Utilize your corporate brand by using imagery that will entice the job seeker. Engage the candidate through your site with content that will answer the prospect’s question “Why would I want to work here instead of another company?”

  3. Add content that will reflect your corporate culture throughout your site. Provide relatable details, such as employee testimonials, diversity issues, corporate values, career advancement, and more.

  4. Take the time to show your appreciation to those who apply. The best way to do this is to confirm a resume was received and thank the candidate for applying. Inform them of how the rest of the interview process will progress. Give them an opportunity to check on their application status online. Be sure to let them know you promise to protect their privacy. Provide candidates a rejection letter when they are no longer being considered for employment.

Well, I’m sure these tips were helpful. I know they have been incremental in creating success for many industry leaders, and I am certain they will help your organization as well. I wish you many years of success with your future of online recruiting, and remember, if you ever need anything we are just a click away.


Jamie Archer

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